Ocean Shoreline Cafe

Ocean Shoreline Cafe

I love the great food dished out daily at the beach food truck. The best part is the view from your beach chair. It is great to rest your backside while you dig into whatever awesomeness you ordered. They have lots of good things to eat like the fried fish tacos and piled high hotdogs. You're going to need to burn off that lunch anyway walking the shoreline and splashing in the ocean. Very convenient it is for those seeking toes in the sand dining. I find the prices to be fairly reasonable and what really good wave views! It is a great place so stop in and try one of the burritos or a hot dog.
Heath C.

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Quick Service Food

What a day at the beach and we got a beach truck hotdog which was awesome. Oh my goodness, despite the cold it is huge crowds at Daytona tonight. They have a couple of races with the top pros on TV, fox sports. They have been covering all the races this week every day! After watching what is going on this year, if it is warm, it would be a super Marriott rewards idea next year. It would have to be last minute, for good weather only.

Wes U.

Beach Food

Beach Food is the best. I love a hot dog done all the way, plus cole slaw on top. We are just finished leaving the ocean and now watching the race on TV at the Daytona Ale House bar.

Time is running out, now twenty laps to go! It gets exciting with twenty laps to go. What a great picture perfect day for the world to watch Florida! The state is the focus of Espn, abc, and even the presidential candidates! See all tomorrow at the Don Vito's Italian Restaurant for dinner, a step up from the beach food!

Mickey W.

Beach Truck Cafe

500 North Atlantic Avenue
Daytona Beach FL 32118

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