Beach Behind the Hilton

Beach Behind the Hilton

A typical day on a beach vacation to Cocoa Beach is so relaxing with the big focus on water sports. This is the walkway we would take every day going from the Hilton down to the shoreline where the Public Beach goes far as far as the county is wide.

This is the beach where you can walk for hours and hours, even bike ride down it to the unlimited end. Go walking, eventually you get to some kind of waterway system where the beach stops because there's a river heading in line, otherwise the public beach goes forever. We like beaches that are wide and have that flatwater where you can use your skim board. Skim boarding is one of the best things you can do when you go to the beach.

Skim boarding is fantastic, and it's the game where you take the big board and glided across the water, then jump on the board and cruise until your momentum stops. If I can give one recommendation for Cocoa Beach Vacations, bring all of your water sports toys. It is more fun to play Along the Shoreline if you have Things to Do and of course I always have my headphones on so I can have some music on at a medium volume.

What a lovely town for a Beach Vacation and of course Surfing makes me smile. I like watching the surfers and that's one of the Best Things to Do when you're chilling out along the shoreline.
Pansy N.

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Vacations for the Waves

We love Riding the Waves, the question is surfboard vs stand up paddle boards. You should look for a board that boasts a combination of features, that comes with accessories, such as a leash, and that has many positive reviews. Do lots of reading about Surfing the Waves on an sup vs surfboard.

These reviews will give you a glimpse into how the board performs under real conditions for real customers. You will find a board that combines length, quality construction, accessories, and strong reviews. The more positive reviews a board has, particularly from people who have taken it Surfing, the better off you will be.

Sung O.

Hilton Beach

1550 North Atlantic Avenue
Cocoa Beach FL 32931-3268
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