Flea Market

Flea Market

Going to the Flea Market always gets me psyched up. I like the Flea Market festival.com that I have near my house and I like to go to any of the ones in the local area of my vacation. It was my understanding that Fort Lauderdale had a huge Flea Market like opalockahialeahfleamarket.net in Miami, and I think it's off sunrise boulevard. I'm trying to confirm that particular address at this time. The address is 3291 west sunrise boulevard, called the Swap Shop. I remember going to this years and years ago, maybe for decades back which tells you about my age, but I'm still young at heart and enjoy a good time out looking for deals.

My main focus usually is vegetables, the fresh kind that are mainly grown around Homestead vegetable farm redlandorganics.com or Immokalee. The middle of the state of Florida between Naples and Miami is just loaded with farms and ranches, and chicken farms. You will get the freshest vegetables ever at the Flea Market and then go home and create a very special recipe. I love it when I get onion and actually makes me have to wipe my eyes. It's a price value thing, as compared to Publix or winn-dixie, you get way better vegetables for the price. I was get a big seedless watermelon, typically two dollars or maybe two dollars and fifty cents. Come out and have a good time, and you will love the taste of Florida grown vegetables, just like the good old days.
Hayden Y.

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I can go to the Flea Market when you take the Lion King kitty down for a check up. Or we can go together if it is on later after kitty care on Saturday or Sunday morning. Kitty care is the most important thing and I will not get in the way or quiz the vet!

I do want to get mushrooms, snow peas, bean sprouts, tomatoes, red potatoes, six corn on the cobb, jalapenos, hot peppers, and a two dollar water melon. If the pineapples are two bucks, then one of them for sure.

Darell K.

Swap Shop

3291 West Sunrise Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale FL 33311

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