Popular for Yellowtail Snapper

Just got back from a primetime two week vacation in Tavernier and we had so much fun playing, drinking, and eating at the area restaurants. I have to give the top yellowtail dishes to Sundowners, they really have some nice menu recipes. You can have your yellowtail prepared in a bunch of different ways.

I love the meuniere version which is pan friend in a light egg wash with key lime Juice, garlic and white wine. Oh so nice, my thanks to the kitchen staff!

The filet and scampi is a winner for sure. You get a nice filet mignon steak with jumbo shrimp scampi, served over rice, with fresh vegetables and a full house salad. A very nice meal indeed. Get a steak filet and scampi dinner special.

Love the Sundowners restaurant and just cannot get down enough. I liked the laid-back atmosphere and activities that you get here on vacation. The Chamber of Commerce is open daily and it is good to stop in and get the deals. They told us first about this bar. Lunch or dinner with spectacular views.
Selina E.

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Good Bars for Views

You can also walk to JJ's Chill House Waterfront Bar and the Marriott has a few good restaurants. Those are open to the public, like The Beach Tiki Bar. We stayed across the street at the Amy Slate's Amoray Dive Resort so we hit all the bars and restaurants around mile marker 104 and down to about mile marker 99. That is restaurant row for Key Largo.

Ashley C.

Sundowners Sunset Bar

103900 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037-2816

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