Fresh Fish with Mango Dressing is a winner

I really like to order the Fish Recipe of the Month. Dinner with A View, the combination of the two makes for a delicious time. Beer is my light starter. Jumbo shrimp is the way to go anywhere down on the island. Any kind of fresh fish with Mango Dressing is a winner.

The food at Lazy Days South shows a lot of imagination and is not your usual fried mahi. There is a large selection to choose from, and the banana bread offered before your meal is prime. Enjoy the relaxing ambiance of the Keys at Lazy Days South.

It has an indoor dining room as well as a large covered patio that overlooks the water. Get the fish platter served with fries and cole slaw and you will be all smiles. I love it here as you get to watch people dock and load in the boat while you eat. Yeah to Seafood with a View in Marathon.
Robyn V.

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Eating on the Waterfront

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Ok Florida Travel Commander, no problem, as the restaurant was super for sure. The rain was skimpy today in the middle keys, just a little rain, not like a week ago. Please bring a large Home Depot saw for me to use at the condo. I trimmed the back yard oak tree. Now, I just want to clean it up a little and get rid of the stumps that are from the cuts I made before we head for fun times at Marathon Public Beach.

Angie N.

Lazy Days

725 11th Street
Marathon FL 33050

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