Florida Keys Dockside Dining Locations

I love this cafe on the water. This is a video our staff took at the Bayside Grill in Key Largo. This is a restaurant that was next to our hotel, so we walked to it.

The restaurant was on the water, so we got to see a beautiful sunset as soon as we arrived in Key Largo. They had a great one-man band which really added to the relaxing atmosphere. It sure is nice that the upper keys has so many great restaurants for us that come down from South Miami.

What a weekend for lobster hunting and of course happy hour cocktails. You don't have to go to all away to mile Marker zero to have an excellent time with the water sports and the restaurant dining scene. The lucky people that like boat docking have many choices to tie up and head to the cocktail bar! Add this Restaurant to the Sunset to do List.
Mattie D.

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Key Largo Restaurants for Cocktails at Sunset

Sipping on cocktails in Key Largo! You get a very nice view as you talk about the fish you caught or the ones that got away.

Marylou A.

Nightly live music in Key Largo

We love those one-person bands, they are all over the Florida Keys. It is amazing how much sound you can get out of one person with a guitar and computer programming other instruments! Do also hit Burdines Restaurant-Bar, for very cheap seafood and nice views too.

Shari V.

Bayside Grille Menu has Shrimp Quesadilla

Oh my did we like the Shrimp Quesadilla that was special on that day. The menu recipe was just right. They are filled with grilled shrimp, jack cheese, red onion, cabbage, black beans, salsa & sour cream. It was nice.

Fred R.

Bayside Grille

99530 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

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