Best of Stuff not to Miss at Disney

You should get the photo-pass people to shoot some file with the mountain behind. Making the summit of Kilimanjaro was a truly life changing experience, we rode it 3 more times. This is a fast and exhilarating rollercoaster ride that made everyone smile. At the top, the ride stops way before you finally reach your goal of the summit. The single rider line goes fast, so you can go that to save wait time.
Beau P.

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Best of stuff not to miss at Disney Orlando is the safari ride. I am certain this must have cost the people creating the attraction a lot of money not only to put together but to maintain. Apparently the folks at Disney have hundreds of veterinarians which is what it takes to deal with all the elephants and other exotic wild animals. I will keep a secret on some of the things that you will see along the journey because it would spoil the ride the first time for you. You're a lot better off to skip all of these youtube videos, and get an opportunity to experience the open air vehicle ride for yourself. This is a wildlife adventure and you should Have Your Camera Ready at all times starting with the loading area. Look for the monkeys above your head as you are in the Line Queue getting ready to board the bus. I guess the word bus is not correct, it's more like a jeep, a giant jeep something different than I've ever seen before. It gets a little bumpy, there are some scary parts, and the wildlife viewing is exceptional in their natural habitat.

Anthony E.

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