Fantastic Orlando Hotel Cheapie

Fantastic Orlando Hotel Cheapie

Very special is this upbeat and creative Disney hotel. Add a little richness to your disney vacation fun without spending a fortune. Be active and playful after your Disney Theme Park Day. The pools are just so neat and spectacular! A sure thing for Orlando vacation booking and a fun spot is Pop Century Resort. The Disney Lower Priced value resort will make your family smile!
Rachelle L.

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Good Hotel Stay

We are heading to Orlando tomorrow and are so pumped up for Pop Century. Two Nights over Christmas should be good since were staying on Christmas eve and Christmas Day, then returning back to Clearwater Beach the day after Christmas. It's getting closer where I can actually get some predictable weather because if you're five days out or seven days out, the results always seem to be kind of poor when you rely on them for Typhoon Lagoon or a day at Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

I usually search for Orlando weather forecast tv station, saw I can get the local tv station. I've had good luck with channel nine weather and news. I think the largest tv station is wesh and they seem to do a pretty good job. They are predicting rain on the day we arrive and then beautiful weather for the following two days, so that's about as good as I can hope for. Sixty-six percent chance a good weather makes for a great hotel stay!

Sharon Y.

Two Nights

Lion King kitty is fine by himself for two or Three Nights. You do not have to go everyday. It is not necessary and it will not do him any good. Kitty likes to have the house to himself and you must remember that during the week, he has the house to himself most of the time because I am at work. He actually doesn't like it if I am home too much. He whines at me on the weekend sometimes because he wants to be alone and he wants to sleep. Cats sleep a lot. For a Disney trip to Pop Century what is good is Tuesday and Thursday or Monday and Wednesday are enough visits. We will be with him on both saturdays so it is only Sunday to Friday that we are away. Disney World is not pet friendly says kitty owner me!

Raleigh P.

Pop Century

1050 Century Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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