Fish Bowl Bar

Fish Bowl Bar

We like to get the drinks and one sandwich is enough for two people to share with the seafood carefully-prepared-salad. You're going to have to take my word for it as it is prime for food and drinks. All of their sandwiches are just plain yummy. The parking is so easy in the Downtown area with the parking garage connected to the bar. There is no way I'm missing a stop at the fish bowl drinking bar. I love a sandwich where they always cut it in half for you. Sloppy Joe's Restaurant is one of those places that you get to take home the fish bowl which your drink came in. Their cuban mix sandwich is hands down just out of Key West and the best tasting sandwich of it's kind. Don't pass this place up if you are beach bound, you won't be disappointed.
Dan S.

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Sloppy Joe's

The Daytona Beach party is on TV tonight live from the bandstand. It is called bash on the beach, on primetime fox TV and is right there next to this restaurant. I have been completely hooked on the coverage this week. It has been on fox sports all day long for the entire week.

The big race today starts at 3pm, and the Daytona five hundred coverage starts at noon on Sunday. Those classic drivers that do the announcing and interviews make it good for me to enjoy. I am now hooked and even watch the truck race last night from start to finish! They have a little shower now, but it is not supposed to rain. Take a peek at bash on the beach tonight if you have time.

Carroll Y.

Fish Bowl Bar

250 North Atlantic Avenue
Daytona Beach FL 32118

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