Outdoors has some really sweet winners

Outdoors has some really sweet winners

What a beach and the sweet outdoor events held here. You never know what great tunes you hear during the shows as they cover all musical genre. Evening shows and concerts begin at seven pm, and go right over the summer Sunsets.

The dog park is primetime and dogs on leashes are welcome around the island. Most of the events even have alcoholic beverages and tropical cocktails, we are in the keys.

You are certainly going to want to put this on your Upper Florida Keys things to do list. You can enter the park for free if you are bicycling in on the pathway. The fee to park is way to high for sure, but I love this upper keys park.
Colton F.

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Winner of the Top Florida Keys Beach

This is a super beach, but gets busy on the weekends. A lot of people picnic and cook out. The events here are Prime Time for sure.

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Modesto Y.

Founders Beach

87000 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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