Epcot Waterfront Pub

Epcot Waterfront Pub

One of the favorite things to do is enjoy a stout beer while sitting waterside at the Rose and Crown Pub. This is just one of many locations inside the Epcot Theme Park where beer, wine, and mixed drinks can be purchased by those of legal age. Sold at Epcot are all sorts of Beers of the World plus michelob light, icehouse, and amstel light. Adults can sip on Cocktails while walking around the theme parks.
Adelaide I.

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Beer Bar

They have a bunch of Rose and Crown Pub dining rooms around Florida and we really like the atmosphere. They did a good job of putting one of these right inside Epcot, because it just fits the theme so well. You can stand at the bar in order one of those giant beers and it is so good to chug down after you've been out in the sun walking for hours and hours. Everything is reasonably priced and maybe things are a dollar or two more expensive at Disney over the regular pubs that you would find in Miami or Tampa. It's a big chain but you don't think of them as a chain restaurant because they are have the authenticity of the British Pub style eatery. If you've never had a chance to have cottage pie and the Fish and Chips, you definitely want to try them because it is terrific. Try a pub blend for the ultimate in brew-mastery!

Tomas U.

Rose and Crown Pub

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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