Fabulous Food at Epcot

Fabulous Food at Epcot

QUESTION: Which of the Epcot Restaurants is best for a special family experience? ? ANSWER: The Land I love best for dining is Japan, where I had been there only for dinner and loved it. It is not just me, visitors rate the food very highly. My pick here is the Katsura Grill, formally known as the Yakitori House. Oh yes, the finest in Asian cuisine and the inside area is gorgeous, I highly recommend the experience. Sushi is the big star here and the flavors out of the California Roll are excellent, and goes nicely with Iced Green Tea!
Lola J.

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Sushi Chef

I would not miss the Mitsukoshi Department Store, what a great store. The Teppan Edo Restaurant was one of the best meals ever. Authentic is the word here. The chefs Do it All right at your table, which makes it more like a show.

Hiram M.

Best Place for Dinner

The Italy area has the top lunch Sandwiches. I got the Grilled Vegetable Panini (Grilled zucchini, squash, portabella, red pepper, red onion, cheese, humus spread, all hot pressed where the cheese is running out the sides).

Johnnie L.


The Disney Character Stitch is huge in Japan, as we discovered on a far east vacation trip. They sell him on at the Disney Store. It might be the blue color, but he is totally popular in Japan and is in two Japanese animated TV series.

Ofelia G.

Epcot Japan

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