Elbow Bar

Elbow Bar

It is true, best Fort Lauderdale beach bar winner voted by guests for the last three years in a row! Very good bands perform here, the kind of music bands that travel around and are big hits from New York to los angeles, plus Fort Lauderdale and Miami! There's nothing like going out and getting some cocktails and really enjoying the special vibe that is being put on by the musical artist.

I am sorry for losing my top at the Elbow Room, which is my favorite all time bar. We always drink too much because we have lots of fun. It just takes about an hour to get the nice full-beach-buzz and keep dancing to the beat. They had Live Music on the bottom floor and a dj spinning hot tropical hits up top.

You can hear the music all the way down to The Beach Shoreline. My fault, as I did have a boo-boo moment. Blame it on the rosiesbng.com beers, as I took the flash light out, and I should have got it back from you. It seems to get me sometimes when losing things, and it was my equal fault since I just wanted you to hold it. I felt bad for a small mistake that is harmless, which is silly. The flash light loss was my responsibility not yours. It is long past, but I am sorry for not letting it blow over faster. Thank goodness we did not lose our bikes, wallets, visa, or cameras! We just have to blame mistakes on vacation for too much alcohol and dancing. I will make it up to you, by being especially nice for all for 2015!
Hoyt E.

Elbow Room

241 Fort Lauderdale Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale FL 33316

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