Eco Tour for all Ages

This is a really good ride, highlighted by the unique ability to snorkel without getting wet. You know what I mean, and not everybody wants to swim, but can still come along and enjoy the view. There's something so special about being able to snorkel over the famous Key West reef. Heck, that is why this is one of the Florida Keys top attractions. Enjoying our island paradise!
Christopher P.

reader feedback

A Key West Voyage Like Never Before

Exciting and happy it left us, as we had never been on a giant boat like this. The voyage is really fun as you get to see the way Key West looks like from out on the sea, just like the captains that bring in the cruise ships from the deep.

Salvatore V.

Entertaining for Families with Kids

Children will adore this experience, the highlight of our day. Lots of acting and theatrics.

Charlotte I.

Cruise the peaceful island waters

Just as cool are the Stand Up Paddle Boards. Yes, you cruise on the water and get to see fish swimming beneath. There are places to go for an eco-tour through the magical mangrove forests. Be sure to check into that, it is a winner.

Esmeralda T.

Glass Bottom Boat

0 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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