Oceanfront Bar

Oceanfront Bar

Eating lunch at the beach could not be any more entertaining and convenient. Remember even if you're not staying at the Hilton hotel the restaurants are open to the public, which is true with all the bars that I know of here in Volusia County. A lot of times you will see a sign that says Cocktail Bar restaurant from the water, and that is what they're doing telling you that it's open to the public so come on up in order a cold heineken light Beer in the bottle!

I loved getting the grilled Portobello sandwich for eating healthy. It was the best ever Portobello sandwich, which comes with tomato, basil, and mozzarella cheese on a toasted multigrain bread, plus served with low-fat sun chips, fruit salad and granola bar.

Super good is the sea breeze salad with mix greens, roma tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, pumpkin seeds and tropical vinaigrette. There's something about all the swimming in the water, it just makes you more hungry and ultimately you get famished and have to hit the kitchen cafe. I like to eat outside whenever I'm on vacation in Florida, it's the only way to go because you get the view and are not stuck between four walls like the Daytona Beach Olive Garden next to the international speedway.

I have nothing against the big chains, but a Beach Cafe is right up my alley for eating. It makes it nice when you're not in any hurry to chow down on your food because it's a relaxing environment and you enjoy being here. Eat each bite slowly and look up quickly or you might miss the next wave with one of the surfboard riders heading down to the shoreline on a big wave. This is my kind a Beach Bar with great food right on the ocean.
Margarito E.

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Cocktails by the Ocean

There's a lot of good places to drink and eat in the area. I have to admit one of the places we like the most was the Fish Bowl Bar which is attached to the hotel. There's a lot in this zone as it is the beach vacations center and you don't need to use your automobile to get around. 8if you do hop in your automobile make sure you go over and stand on the winner's circle and get some photography. It's a great thing to do as all ages love they Daytona speedway auto racing park when you're not on the shoreline.

Lauren A.

Cocktails by the Ocean

This hotel and Beach Bar is fantastic. We could've not been happier than a place where Better Activities Makes a Happy Day experience for everybody. Everything's close by even the great Beach Food.

I have to admit the Cocktails on the Roof Bar one of the better experiences we have to savor. Remember when you're walking, Wet Shoes will save your feet here as you do a lot of shoreline walking and every now and then there's rocks, shells, or maybe a piece of glass. Bring your Boogie Board and have a great time as March is bike week month and fabulous.

Meghan V.

Waves Beach Bar

100 North Atlantic Avenue
Daytona Beach FL 32118

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