Good times on the Waterfront

Good times on the Waterfront

Nothing could be more perfect, than a boat ramp right on your property. It makes it so easy to get out and take advantage of all of the Yellowtail Snapper out there waiting for you to catch them. If you haven't been down here fishing before, the Yellowtail Snapper are one of the best tasting fish and easiest to catch.

The y are plentiful and you can usually find them offshore three or four miles out. You can use a chum bag when fishing and that really helps a lot.

We like staying here because of the quick access. It's nice having a Boater Friendly hotel that has a twenty-four hour a day boat ramp. You don't know what's can happen, plus when you go out to dinner you might end up coming home rather late. A great evening adventure is to take the boat around to the Lorelei Bar boat docks for the sunset party.
Mathew T.

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Easy for the Boater to Enjoy

After you go fishing oh my goodness, I just love the Seafood Menu at many of The Local Restaurants. It's an excellent area and there are some really top rated Islamorada waterfront restaurant opportunities. If you're looking for a hotel a little more upscale, go with the where Best on the Island is the Swimming Pool opportunity.

I thought the Ragged Edge would be a great vacation spot. The property puts guests in that upper area I believe is called Plantation Key. Pick between this area above Whale Harbor and below mile marker eighty-four and down to mile marker eighty.

Jamison L.

Ragged Edge Boater Resort

243 Treasure Harbor Road
Islamorada FL 33036

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