Mallory Square Everything Store

Mallory Square Everything Store

Once in a while something really crazy happens here, keep the camera ready. Sometimes the artists fall or the tricks go wrong, perfect or off a little, it is still a great time. This is a street market where open alcohol is fine, in a non-glass container. Do not jump in the water, it is deep and there are plenty of sharks.

This is the time of day after the happy hour cocktails that it's kind easy to buy something on a whim. This is the game of tourist Shopping and they are trying to get you fired up to buy something. When you're browsing in the shops and stores, you always know you can come back later on during your vacation and pick up something that you think you might like.

With the street vendors you don't know when they're going to be here or there, so if you like something special go ahead and get it. I have to mention the Lobster Art shop that's in Islamorada, which is the best gift store I have far in all of the Florida Keys. You will see Lobster Art from these same people sold down here in the very shops.
Simon O.

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Buy Something on a Whim

There is a back up plan, since it is easy to find the Lobster Art shop at mile marker eighty two on the way out of here.

It seems like the one you got me is perfect. Is there a reason to get a different one, as we have tested and love the gowise-egg-head-black!

Margot D.

Tropical Gifts at Sunset

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