Family Hotels in Key Largo

Children can keep the smile on full time all day long, as the watersports is just perfect to fascinate our youth. My girls loved the fishing and we got a whole bunch of Mahi, which is also called Dolphin Fish. These are highly colored funkiness fish and really stick out as compared to the regular old mullet.

The entire family is going to love the vibe here around mile marker 100. Lots to do, attractions, beach parks, happy hours and all the tropical fish you can eat! They have a nice boat ramp here that you get to use if you are paying as a guest. Keep the boat on the trailer in the lot and use the pool and super Beer Bar. The place upstairs is called Coconuts.

Got two hours on the reefs today. The equipment you can use around the reef is so great these days. Same thing goes for the fishing electronics. Life is good doing the watersports. No need to haul it down, just rent the stuff as things are so cheap down here. We kayak, that is another good one after the big deep water reef dives. What a town. Do go to the Bayside Grille for the sunset happy hours, .love that place. Live Music too. All ages will have a Blast.
Cherie O.

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Family Hotels in Key Largo

One good thing is that they are caught year-round, and we love that. Prime-time months are March to May. The Florida record is around eighty pounds. Dolphin is my top pick for grilling out on the bbq.

Mahi-Mahi is the common name and most catches are from three to thirty five pounds. Because of that, you get some real wealthy celebrities staying here, so have your TMZ Video Camera ready to shoot! It is a deep water marina, so boats up to about sixty feet can fit just fine. The hotel is pet friendly too.

Lucy W.

Fish and Reef Vacations in the Florida Keys

Those mahi-mahi are oh so good. You can get a sandwich at the coconut bar next to the hotel on the waterfront. The recipe is simple for the Fresh Catch Sandwich (Right off the Key Largo docks grilled mahi-dolphin fish, with tartar sauce on bakery fresh roll).

I'm sorry to hear about the foks staying in key largo that had the big tree wood falling down. I'm glad no damage was done. It is good that you are doing all the tree work and it is good that you bought a new saw today. Storms are part of living on the islands. I did not have any branches down, but I do have a small water spot in the spare bedroom. It is in the same place where I had the water problem before. You can pick up a lot of coconuts after a store for coconut pie!

Celeste F.

Marina del Mar

527 Caribbean Drive
Key Largo FL 33037

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