Disney World Haunted House

Disney World Haunted House

You can not bet the fun and laughter here, and it is consistent. We always plan to avoid the crowded days, which is the true secret to more fun. The new and improved haunted house was excellent. This haunted house is a ride, plus very spooky and mysterious. Scary Rides that give you the pre-ride jitters are the best ones.
Sherry J.

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Disney Attractions that Scare

It's pretty cool you will not have to wait until halloween to get the bee gees beegees.com scared out of you! Things like this really build up the anticipation as you wait in the Line Queue to get in! As you approach the front area you begin to hear some spooky Music that really does get you psyched up. Everybody's in a good mood because of the anticipation. This particular ride is changed over the years and now it is the best it's ever been because of the electronics and the electric shock treatment they get you when you Sit Down. Twelve volts to your rear won't hurt you will it!

In the old days, the ride was a little slow but was very good and entertaining and now they sped things up with way more scary moments. After this you might need to head to one of the local bars to stop from shaking. I sure wish the Magic Kingdom had more places to get alcohol like they do over to Hollywood Studios, as they have the little beer carts all around the complex. We do typically go out to one of the local bars or the calabellarestaurant.com cafe and their many good ones in the area and you have to try some like raglan rose pub over at Disney Springs Mall.

Florentino L.

Haunted Mansion

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