Disney World Donut Shop

Disney World Donut Shop

I cannot say enough good things about the Disney World donuts shop. The Coffee Shop, cafe, and bakery will make coffee lovers so happy. A few of the best donut flavors include glazed raspberry filled, marble stick, cinnamon twist, and the glazed lemon filled donuts. This lake side cafe serves breakfast and lunch style take out food in addition to the bakery goods. This is the best bakery in all of Lake Buena Vista.
Sallie A.

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Cupcake Shop

We are really big fans of the Boardwalk Bakery as we've had an opportunity to stay at the Epcot area resorts a few times. It is a definite to do item and my favorite snacking stops on your busy day of walking and swimming when you stay in this zone. All of The Hotels like the Swan Resort have fantastic Swimming Pools so you burn a lot of calories whether you're walking at the theme parks or not. You have to try the strawberry cheesecake holiday cupcake which is on sale now in December and I'm assuming that carries over into next year at least for a while.

They always have various different kinds of seasonal cupcakes, which are fantastic and they price them lower. Extra good is a cupcake that looks like a Christmas Tree and has dark chocolate with the strawberry cheesecake filling. You have to look closely at the cupcakes and how much detail they put into them and the little textures that make each one So Unique. It's not very often you get cupcakes that look like Christmas tree decorations, but this is the best time of year to come over and enjoy this fabulous area plus the margaritas at the Mexico Showcase! We had a Great Meal at the liberty in restaurant which is in theusa section where they have american-style food that taste a lot like Boston Market bostonmarket.com cafe, so you know it's fantastic.

Clyde J.


Ok Florida Travel Commander. I just happen to have some of those Boardwalk Bakery brownies so I will make them for you. Yeah to The Great Food at Epcot and the local places like the sweettomatoes.com cafe! We know you can do Disney and the west coast of Florida on the same trip easy. We can go up that way again anytime. It is not too far and it is a nice change from Madeira Beach and Treasure Island. I guess you better start making some Disney videos again since they are so fun. I'm not buying all my goods from the Orlando Flea Market and I'm not giving up my campbellsoup.com campbells soup!

Mindy W.

Boardwalk Bakery

2101 North Epcot Resorts Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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