Daily Disney Street Party

The daily street party is something special to see. It has changed over the years, but the focus on dancing never ended. It all started with the Block Party Bash, the first of the rolling parades to move around Hollywood Studios. Along the way, the group stops for a Street Party, which is great dance, boogie, and song. Fantastic For all Ages. Kids are invited out in the street to dance along.
Mollie L.

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Cast Members

Most all the parks at Disney now let you get your children into the act. That is the perfect time to get your best video of the vacation. Let your kids dance with the Cast Members in the middle of the street. This is part of the show.

Alfonzo L.

Pixar Pals

You see lots of characters from the movies at this event. If you have seen most of the Pixar movies, plan to take plenty of photos of your favorites. I like the Toy Story group, like the Green Army Men. Good show, well done. Was called the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun! China has some real acrobats, another must see.

Cody R.

Disney Dancers

Now you went and dabbled where you don't belong, as your Block Party birthday weekend has been titled: Disney-Beach Birthday Bash! Now you bring up Miami Beach after all the planning hours I have put in. After Disney, Miami Beach is next. We love the vacations to Florida.

Laverne Z.

Block Party

351 South Studio Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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