Specials at Disney

Specials at Disney

Luckily we got a reservation at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and we learned a couple of the disney secrets. There is a secret Entrance Way to get into the park, and it is hidden away at the backside of the Rain Forest Cafe Restaurant. Trust me the rides are fun, just go inside to the rear and look around. The Front Desk at the Lodge puts the daily schedule out while everyone is sleeping. When you wake up, grab the listing of today's Special Performances and you will be hours ahead of everyone else. This is unpublished, making it easy for you to beat The Crowds to today's best shows. Get your tickets using the florida rate discount to save.
Zachary L.

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Walking Toward the Tree of Life

The disney hotels are amazing and they do keep lots of secrets off their Hotel Website and you find out everything on the schedule. At the pools they host Daily Events, with free food, Music, and games. One resort ID acts as your room key and that is how you get the free food and drinks, plus it is your Fastpass to so much more.

Daron D.

Animal Kingdom Review

Nemo is the number on thing going on at the Zoo park, it has been hugely popular. Another secret or less publicized thing is unlimited beverages. Yes, the special bottomless souvenir mugs will pay for themselves on any summer or warm day. It is great to be able to Quench your Thirst in an unlimited way.

Kelly S.

Animal Zoo

Working at Disney World is great with a full time gig, not the cast member focus. I sure hope you had a great day, plus getting some work-time homework in. Walt's bosses love new employees like you that are eager to learn all the ins and outs of the new job, software, and the rest on the weekends. Cake jobs are for regular folks, and challenging jobs are the best!

Your Animal Kingdom Theme Park singing boss was in the same situation as you, being new, lots of early obstacles. Ever job has new systems and procedures. Your old boss is a good example, so do not add extra pressure. They hired you because you have the skill set, plus they do not have anyone else. You won, just keep pushing, learning, and the rest! Yeah for you and the Lion King show!

Royce L.

Animal Kingdom

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