Disney Orlando Golf Course

Disney Orlando Golf Course

One thing about Orlando, it is a family vacation and really good as people can do what they like that. My son and I always like to play a round of golf, and the rest of the gang can do their thing. After golf we have a meet up time planned and then shift our emphasis to the theme parks at that point. The course is very nice and pleasantly spacious playing to a par of 72. It makes for a memorable disney Orlando golf vacation.
Harland Q.

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Golf Vacation

The best thing about the golf trip is all of the walking. The fitness that you get just from the Theme Park Day is amazing. If you play Eighteen Holes in the morning, and then later on go over to Hollywood Studios Theme Park for example, you will probably burn about 7000 calories by the time the day is over with. What could be better than a Disney diet, and that all is about just walking.

A lot of you know that I wanted to run the Disney World 5k for greg next year, but running has been outlawed by my mean ole orthopedic doc, so that isn't happening. Y'all know I am a Mickey Mouse rebel, but being able to walk and function in a fairly normal fashion is a high priority of mine and spine compression doesn't really allow that, so I can give up running. Physically, I am good, for the first time in a really long time. No headaches, no back agony, no tingling foot, I actually feel like lori again, for better or worse ready for the beer at the bjsrestaurants.com cafe!

Josue U.

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