The Spaghetti

The Spaghetti

It's really fun starting when you look at the menu and realize all the different options you have for food. The good thing about Epcot as they have wonderful Chinese, the canadian food is super with the steaks and the Mexican food. We get a lot of take-out Chinese Food at when we are in town so I typically want to eat at the other places especially the Italian Spaghetti.

The insides of the restaurants always have some really neat to core and things that are traditionally from The Land that they are portraying. They know how to take dining spaces and turn them into a work of art. One thing you don't want to do is have to wait so any time there's a line, I just move on to the next open kitchen. They sell italian cookbooks in the shop there close to the Italian Cafe.

One of the best things about the Disney Restaurants are the open kitchens where you can see exactly all of the food being prepared and cooked. Being part of the experiences are always way more entertaining than just to be served a dish and not to see what's going on with the preparation. You can really smell the food good inside the restaurant because the cooks are so close to you. Make sure you look up top too when you're in the restaurants and on the walls as everything is decorated to a level of detail that's amazingly perfect.

Even the silverware, cups, and the plates are outstanding. I love those little cappuccino coffee cups that you can get an the coffees always fantastic no matter where you go even at the Food Court at the cheaper hotels. We love the Good Food spots like Epcot Italy and the trattoria al forno at the Boardwalk Inn Resort. Do not forget the Cupcake Shop at Epcot or is good in Orlando.
Stella J.


1510 Avenue Of The Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
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