Beware of the Wet Soaker Disney Rides

Getting wet is fantastic to make things more fun and festive, especially in Orlando Florida! However, we all have electronics and you just have to prepare. How soaked you get is kind of like the lottery. For instance at Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom Park you are about 50-50. People can shoot water at you from the bridges above. It is a hoot!
Jeramy J.

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Zip Lock Bags are nice on the Wet Rides

You need to take a very large zip-lock style bag on the rides. I do not even take my phone into the disney parks, just one more thing to worry about. I take my visa, some cash, car keys, and my video camera. The car keys are electronic and cannot Get Wet, just like my camcorder.

Philip R.

Ups and Downs and Round and Rounds

While you have a place to put things inside the Ride Car, those areas Get Wet from all the people reaching in after getting soaked. Yes, you must bring a waterproof grocery trash bag out of the Hotel Room. At the water parks, do not even bother with anything electronic.

Todd E.

Our picks for the coolest theme park rides

Mildly scary, but just enough to keep it interesting even for the adults. A clean small Trash Bag works for Waterproofing your electronics.

Genaro I.

Kali River Rapids

2901 Osceola Parkway
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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