Sightseeing at the Castle

Sightseeing at the Castle

Always a favorite of visitors is this grand castle, as you see this monster sized building when you walk under the Railroad Tracks, at the entrance. This is the center piece of Magic Kingdom Park and is a nice piece of property that is owned by the one and only Cinderella. Actually it is a hotel as VIP guests that win a prize or just happen to walk through the turnstiles are the right time are the big winners. Yes, people stay in the condo style rooms inside. What a treat.
Lindsey J.

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Specials Shows you want to see

Stay at the Grand Castle would be special for sure. However you get plenty at the regular disney hotels, like heated Swimming Pools allow year-round spashable play. The Lifeguards watch the kids nicely too. When you stay at The Hotels here, even on the busy event days (new years, Christmas, thanksgiving, resort guests are guaranteed admission to the theme parks.

Rico R.

Fantastic Grand Castle Celebration

Inside the Grand Castle is the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, which is a fantastic Haircare Saloon and Dress up Fantasy. You could not give a younger girl from 3 to 12 a better birthday present or reward for good school grades.

Courtney E.

Funniest Rides at Orlando Theme Parks

These are your top ten rides at the Orlando Area Theme Parks. Our picks are for All Ages, but not small children unless they love to fly! (1) Mission Space G-Force (2) Incredible Hulk Coaster (3) Expedition Everest (4) Rock N Rollercoaster (5) Test Track (6) Kraken (7) Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man (8) Dueling Dragons (9) Big Thunder Mountain (10) Men in Black Alien Attack.

Johnson W.

Cinderella Castle

1180 Seven Seas Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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