Super Daily Music Parade

You would think it would be too silly, but the cast-members put on one heck of a performance during the street shows at the parks. I do not mean just the parades, rather a bunch of per-arranged singers, dancers, and acrobatic acts that are performed right in the streets. They bring props and can put a coordinated performance that will last for five or ten minutes and then they disappear, just like that. Very fun.
Hugo R.

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We like the Singing and Dancing Shows

Our family liked the Lion King Performance, that is just the top thing going on at Animal Kingdom. Those actors jump, sing, and fly through the air. A fine act, we have seen it four times now. Nemo the Musical is right up there.

Elma H.

Strategy for Disney Character Greetings

One trick we have learned is to skip the character greeting lines. There will be plenty of spontaneous opportunities to get a quick video or photograph with the Disney Characters during the day. It just happens out of no where, you will nearly bump into some of them all during your day.

Giuseppe U.

Daily Events

Ok Florida Travel Commander, that sounds great about Big Thunder Mountain ride. I will be down Friday.lion king kitty stayed out all night last night. Paul delagato said there is a front that has come down from the north and has brought low humidity so it felt good out last night. He is out on the porch right now.

I look foward to Swimming in the Pool. How long are jim and marilyn going away for as I did want to get a little stuff to drink inside the Magic Kingdom? You were right about car care near Disney as did a great job.

Saundra S.

Magic Kingdom Parade

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