Cheap Fishing Trips in Marathon

It's been a pleasure to go out each and every trip we've done it. First you start out with the nice voyage out from the boat docks and it's very Scenic around here when you are in a boat. I would recommend you bring your camera and snap a whole lotta photographs on your way out, or perhaps you can take a video or two from on board the boat.

The fishing part is very spectacular because you never know what's going to be on the other end of the hook! Mystery makes things better, any woman would tell you that with their sexy underwear. The same things goes with fishing, as the tug on the end of the line might reveal a bunch of different things!

After the fishing trip, watch the sunset at Sunset Park at the Marathon end of the Old Seven Mile Bridge. When you snorkel, look for lobster, shells, and the sea life. Photos are great on the Fishing Trips, plus get a single use Underwater camera at Kmart.
Pansy Y.

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Place to go Fishing

Ever have those days where no matter what you do, you tick someone off? Do your job people and I don't have to be the evil me. This means it is time for a fishing trip and this is the place.

Make sure you stop at Burger King so you have food when you get hungry. It seems like we do more fitness and exercise when were on a Florida vacation than any place. There's also a Papa John's Pizza not too far by and the Plaza Grill restaurant is a winner. If you need to fishing close I would go to the Bealls Outlet with a have really good deals.

Coleen F.

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1248 Overseas Highway
Marathon FL 33050-2016

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