Cruise Ship Docking and Boarding Area

Cruise Ship Docking and Boarding Area

Do not get caught up only in the Duval City Center, as this island is loaded with fun stuff to see and do. People do not mention a port visit as a primary Key West Florida things to do. However, it sure is and there is so much to explore nearby. Take your sweetheart on a dream dinner date; the Sunset Key Water Taxi dock area is right here. Dockside is loaded with shops, bars, and amusement zones.
Christoper F.

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Cruise Ship Docking and Boarding Area

One thing we've realized over the years is that the rest of the island is fantastic. Do not just get caught up on the Mallory Square docks and the festivities that happen down at 0 Duval Street. We love going around from the Southernmost Point and head up the Scenic drive over by the Key West Airport.

Angie N.

Old Town Ship Dockyard

(Question) How far is this from Duval to the Cruise Ships? I have driven down there a few times, because I live in Florida, but where exactly does the ship go and park? Is it walkable? Thinking of taking a Carnival Cruise that stops here. (Answer) The ships dock at the port, which is between Fort Taylor Park and Mallory Square. It is very walkable, and you exit off the docks right Into the Action and storefronts.

Chuck Q.

Port of Key West

245 Front Street
Key West FL 33040

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