Coolest Place to Ride Bicycles

Coolest Place to Ride Bicycles

It is very scenic at the base area or up on the Old Seven Mile Bridge. I put on my blog this second picture, a sweet photo of me biking on the Old Seven Mile Bridge. It is really a pretty place to bike or walk. The parking is limited in the parking lot, but by Knights Key Campground is mega free parking.
Jenifer D.

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This is a very cool thing to do, one of my favorite activities of all. Things are extremely peaceful when you have this huge body of water on both sides of you. If it's a nice day, you will see even more boats than ever as boating is really finicky about the weather. Down here the sunshine brings people outside because you can see really nicely through the water, which makes it more fun when you go out on the Marathon Lady Party Fishing Boat or are just fishing right from your hotel dock. I think it's best on bicycles where you can just cruise nice and slow and enjoy the view. It's pretty need to be able to see the old bridge and the new bridge side-by-side which makes you really appreciate how small the old bridges. You can see the center stripe which has faded out but still easily visible and that will give you an idea of how tight it was for two big semi trucks to try to pass each other. You can imagine they were plenty of accidents out here and you will see markings on the side in the pavement of specific incidents and memories put there by surviving family members. What a history it has!

Maria E.

Old Seven Mile Bridge

47000 Overseas Highway
Marathon FL 33050

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