Concierge Level Disney Rooms

Concierge Level Disney Rooms

Families that value a personal touch will appreciate the deluxe category. Ask for the concierge level room option for the vip treatment. Club level concierge affords admission to a private Mickey Mouse lounge with complimentary food and beverages treats. Super is having access to exclusive tours like the sunrise Safari at Animal Kingdom Resort.

A Zoo hotel is so one of a kind. You can even pay for a dedicated caretaker, who can help busy family types.

I like a hotel with special features and details, plus a full-plate eating foodcourt, similar to the Orlando mall Food Court. Step into the heart of Africa with a Pool Bar at this magnificent Resort Hotel.

If you need help they have outstanding services. We found out it is inspired by the traditional african kraal, out in the middle of no where. Each hotel has some good excitement, just check the schedule.

Delight in dazzling pool areas, so the ladies Bathing Suit swim outlet stays on all day when back at the hotel. Leave the hotel once to see the International Drive Nascar facility, a great half-mile indoor track and environmentally friendly electric karts. Go fast, so step on the gas, as the cars are capable of safely reaching speeds up to forty five miles per hour and ten minutes from your Hotel Room.
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Swimming Pool

We love the Swimming Pools at Disney and the pod coffee maker. The new rule is, no pod coffee, no booking! Yeah to the new pod coffee booking rule! Get the Lion King kitty's box out in the open please.

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