Disney Hotel Cafeteria

Disney Hotel Cafeteria

We have to rave over the all-star movie restaurant. Using your Quick Service cafe for lunch is Awesome for salads, pasta, fried chicken, Hamburgers, and hot dogs. You may not even realize that there are so many yummy options for you in the counter service world at Disney! I have found healthy options all over every Disney restaurant.

The food and Swimming Pools at the resorts are great treats. Saving time is the name of the game when you're here in Orlando with the thousands of things to do. Disney World has great quick service-food picks and the Hotel Cafe is another good example. There's no way to fit it all in one day, so don't even think about even going on all of the best rides at Animal Kingdom park, but be sure to do Expedition Everest.

We picked a hotel to be really close to everything, even closer than last year at legacy vacation resorts which is nice. That's a big part of it, you don't want to be driving around waiting in traffic lights for more than five minutes maybe ten at the max. If you going to be spending more than fifty percent of your time around the disney stuff and their particular property, I would say within eight miles radius.
Dane U.

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Quick Service

There are plenty a good hotels to pick from, but why not stay even closer where they have Free Transportation. Fast Food like Del Taco cafe is a good pick to grab on the way back to the hotel. I liked it from the beginning even Inside the Rooms. We use the Bus System and it makes it easy and a lot of fun.

The kids can play with their toys while the buses riding and we can get out our event list items and do more strategizing on the way to the parks. I like this hotel and recommended as a top choice.

It is better than the Orange Lake Resort, but that has a kitchen. The mini refrigerator is on the left, and dishwasher in the middle. The oven is on the counter.

Isabelle M.

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1991 West Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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