Best Theme Park Month

Best Theme Park Month

We enjoy the Orlando entertainment scene at all the Theme Parks as it makes vacations so extraordinary! I thing that getting away from home is super and laughter is the Theme Park medicine which has the most positive effect on my brain. It was very cool to do some of the new things like Nicktown Studios and the Super Scary Rocket Ride. I like Christmas and we have always enjoyed at least one day at the theme parks because it's better than just about anything else you could possibly do in Florida. The problem is you have to get all your gift shopping done about the same time is your Planning your Trip over here to enjoy the festivities.

Things can be hectic doing all the planning, plus you have to figure out what hotel you're gonna stay in. We love All-Star Movies resort and want to give that a plug because it's outstanding. There are budget hotels that are right in the middle between Universal Studios and Disney World if you're looking to split up your trips and do a little of both of those main attractions. Of course SeaWorld is not that far off so you can go over there and have a great time with the animals, but I like that better in the summer since some of the things there are cold.

I think December is good for the places where you walk more and are bigger like Animal Kingdom and of course the Magic Kingdom gets all dressed up for the holidays with the many festivities and free stuff that they give to the kids during the day. You definitely want to get over to Disney Springs at some point, so make some extra time for that and the dining in the areas really good. Even the Fast Food restaurants like are fantastic to get food on the way to the parks and so you don't have to buy more expensive food inside. I tell everybody to hit one of the taco bells or churches fried chicken, and bring it with you to the park. Eat it inside at one of the picnic tables and they have plenty a napkins and all that it the restaurants for free. All of the Quick Service Restaurants have forks, knives, salt-and-pepper, and all the condiments which are free to use.

I have to admit December is probably the best time of year and we are really glad to have gotten involved with the Mickey Mouse activities and of course we love Citywalk immensely with the nightly Music. Whatever you do you better have a plan so you're not wasting time in the Hotel Room trying to figure out where you gonna go next or what is to eat!
Ivan Z.

Nicktown Studios

6000 Universal Boulevard
Orlando FL 32819

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