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QUESTION: As a family of four, a week in a standard hotel room does not get it. We are looking for at least one bedroom and two would be better if the price is good. Any suggestions that are great for families? ANSWER: The flexibility is so good down in the Truman Annex, arguably the top pick for a family vacation. Units cover all types, from multi-bedrooms, suites, and condo style properties. One of the best things is the ability to negotiate directly with many of the owners, who compete directly with each other.
Ned J.

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Security is better here than most

The security helps, as the gates are locked in the evening. It is not airport level secure, but it does keep the drunks out! I like it and it is a five minute walk to Mallory or Fort Taylor State Park, the condos are kind of in the middle.

Gena Z.

Very close to the Blue Heaven Pie Factory

You can quickly walk to Blue Heaven Bar, they have a super nightlife and Live Music. That is one of the better places to buy a whole key lime pie to put in the condominium refrigerator for late night snacks.

Dino M.

Condo Rental in the Truman Annex

The BBQ works great, now that I figured it out. Do not try to light the grill after dark without good lighting, as there is a set of instructions on the grill. Yes, there is a grill lighting process that has 6 steps! It is the Bondi II BBQ, which works great if you can read and follow the six steps!

Joanne J.

Truman Annex

201 Front Street
Key West FL 33040

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