Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

This is the best Chinese food in Orlando, plus you get more to see. The cluster of shops, shows and Chinese Food is a winner for dinner or lunch! This is the kind of place that will get you extremely motivated to go back home and make some really good authentic Oriental Food. Is pretty easy to do with the web these days as recipes can be found rather quickly. The food at Epcot Disney is going to be tough to top.

I like to go to google and search for my ingredients, for instance in this case snow peas and bean sprouts, as I would like to see what that brings up. Oh my goodness I ended up on the all recipes website and it didn't give me anything and they pop up some kind a message on the front. Let me try again on to see what happens. This worked out great as I got a bunch of good dishes like vietnamese beef noodle soup with asian greens! I would've never thought of that. I like this sweet and spicy shrimp with rice noodles, which is similar to what they sell here at the china's showcase. A day at disney will inspire you to all kinds of nice things to eat and have you coming back for more.
Zane S.

Epcot China

1510 Avenue Of The Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
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