Orlando Vacations with Toddlers or Teens

Orlando Vacations with Toddlers or Teens

When my two children were toddlers, I have to say that Blizzard Beach was our favorite Disney water park because of focus on youngsters. Tike's Peak is the special kiddie area designed for anyone 48 inches and shorter. It is just fantastic and is monitored closely. Yes, the cast member life guards do measure children, and keeps older kids out. You know, the older brother or sister, who might be too rough. They have to play in regular play parts of the park. Teens love this place too. It is my summer pick for the best day of all.
Araceli E.

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The Best Disney Swimming Hole

For most people, the best way to go to Blizzard Beach is to take nothing inside. For sure, nothing valuable. Just the key to your car, tied to your wrist. Yes, that is important. You need a hat that can Get Wet. But you are moving around so much, there is no way to keep track of valuables. Do not take anything important to this park.

Brigitte O.

Ice Cream Sandwich Shop

Bring the family over to Breck's Cookie Shop after the water rides and try one of the Ice Cream Sandwiches. Yes, you get to pick two cookies, which can be the same flavor or go zany with two different kinds. Between the two is a huge a scoop of vanilla ice cream. So good. The shop is located at 24 Broadway in Kissimmee.

Graham R.

Rules Published for the Disney Waterparks

Everyone must go down the slide on their back with feet first. The person must be able to swim to use the slides. Quiet is not allowed and you must scream going down. Do not wear your Mickey Mouse Ears during your ride.

Zelma U.

Getting lots of exercise in your bikini

Especially for those that are a very fit and active, you can really go full speed around here and get on a lot arrived quickly. The first thing in the morning is excellent.

Brice W.

Such Top Water Things to Do

Just the perfect day to play in the tide pools, fast rapids, and even relaxing rivers and this is all in a theme park. This is one exotic paradise that promises the most wet Family Fun known to man or fish!

Joyce P.

Blizzard Beach

1534 Blizzard Beach Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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