Checking in at Disney

Checking in at Disney

Asked about unique hotel options in Orlando, we pointed them towards Animal Kingdom Lodge. Expect amazing, starting with the warm greeting at the Check-In lobby. It has a hotel Zoo, plus one of the biggest and best pools in Orlando.

Being so spacious is super, and our kids loved the Swimming Pool events. What makes this hotel so special, is the african theme. They did a really good job of making everything spectacular from the lobby out to the on property zoo. One thing you'll recognize as soon as you enter the front doors, is they keep it nice and cool inside, plus the lights are dimmed slightly.

You can get all the sunlight you need out by the Uzima Springs Pool Bar and Swimming Pool, we like that they keep this environment controlled and it looks like you're in a big giant tiki hut. Plan on spending a couple hours over your vacation time checking out everything inside this huge lobby. You won't have time when you first get here, it'll be more when you are waiting for somebody to get dressed or coming back from the swimming pool.
Eunice Q.

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Once we stayed here for the second time, I realize how much I was missing by rushing everywhere. Plan on spending one full day or two full days at the hotel, and skipping the Animal Kingdom Lodge Theme Park. It's too much to do both things on one day.

You are very close to a lot of good restaurants. If you want Fast Food I would say the Steak and Shake is best for the family and you can bring all of your order back and eat by the Swimming Pool. There's another place in town that's very cool and we thought it was so Unique called Bikes, Beans and Bordeaux cafe. If it's sports night to have a Houlihan's which has a lot of TVs and of course there's the Espn Club restaurant.

Alisha D.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

2901 Osceola Parkway
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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