It is a Special Watering Hole

It is a special watering hole frequented by all the presidents and celebrities. The legacy of Hemingway is to be celebrated here during happy hours. Throughout the 1930s, Ernest Hemingway lived here and was a party man.

The events saluting the island are so fun, we like the bar wars. Listen to a free Band even at lunch time. Live Music at lunch is a treat. The Big Sloppy is the famous sandwich that my children love.

Nick stores a place called Joe's taproom which is just for drinking beer and a lot of locals hang out there. Make sure you check out the WebCam that's out front of the bar so people can see you back home. I always like to look at the WebCam a couple of days ahead of time to get psyched up. You also should focus on the entertainment calendar and events so you don't miss anything. Another way to get excited is to look at the photo gallery.

Make sure you go to the T-shirt area where they have the sloppy joes merchandise for sale. I love a colorful shirt and always get one before I come home from the Florida Keys.
Raymon R.

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Sloppy Joe's Sandwich

I love the food here and give it my highest regards, like the original Sloppy Joe's sandwich. There is a political speech tomorrow inside the bar, so please go tell him, the mayor, that a little toot-toot smoke is just fine.

The Florida Keys is pro happy hours and marijuana smoking. He needs to put in a national Catman circus kitty travel policy that provides low cost kitty shipping! Everyone in Florida needs to see the Catman do his thing! What a fun place to have lunch or dinner just like Two Friends cafe.

Clarence G.

Beer Bar

Friday night, a new king and queen of Fantasy Fest will be crowned at Sloppy Joes and other places. Arrive early for a chance to mingle with two-legged and four-legged entrants. Be on frances street at the Key West Cemetery gates by 5 pm, so go to for fast food early. Most guesthouses and hotels will supply libations to those parched marchers!

Keven H.

Watering Hole

It is a special watering hole, a winner. The seafood soups and chowders are prime. Yes for sure, the best on the island for seafood soups and chowders.

Houston A.

Sloppy Joe's

201 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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