Buying Pastries in Key West

Buying Pastries in Key West

Buying pastries in Key West gets no finer than the number one rated Croissants De France. One of the cool spots for a tasty treat in Key West. The location is sweet and their food is extraordinary. The key is Everything is Fresh. This cafe is the real deal for the finest in the yummiest treats. My two menu favorites are the lemon-honey poundcake and the black forest torte.
Latonya C.

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French Bakery

There's nothing like a french style bakery to get all of your good morning breakfast type foods. They make sandwiches and all kinds of really good dishes, plus hot food but the main bakery is all about cakes and sweets. It compares very favorably with the big Miami Beach cuban bakery which I highly recommend. Every time we go on vacation that's one of the best parts is trying out some of the different places to get food. Typically we go for some kind a ethnic or tropical concoction. Florida's loaded down with some great bakeries and that's part of your vacation pleasures I don't forget this place you will love it. Thank you for the excellent restaurant recommendations for the island. We have really enjoyed going out to eat more than all miss anything we've done.

Claudine N.

Croissants De France

816 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040-7406

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