Which is the Nicest Beach Park

Plan to have a really nice day out along the waterline, and you can pick your watersports. Our kids like to use the super water squirt-guns. There is a good amount of boat traffic, which helps the every changing views. It is better than Pennekamp Beach and close to the quality of Fort Taylor Beach.

This is the place to say yes to a day on the Shoreline, or at least an hour to just to check out the beauty. We love the best beaches and really any of the nature parks that are along the coastline down on the islands.

We like to go when the sunshine is out, because you can see down through the water so much better. It's not the same down here when it's cloudy. A cloudy day just does not have the same vibe around The Shoreline even though it might seem cooler.

When it's cloudy we go jogging and Bicycle Riding. When it's a pretty day we like to be on the water taking advantage of the kayak or walking along the waterfront in six inches of water or so. Make sure to always keep your snorkel and mask in the automobile as you drive around because when you stop somewhere, you can check out what's underneath the water.
Randy G.

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Do Bring Your Super Water Squirt-Guns for fun., This is definitely one of my top picks for kayak trips as they have a wonderful kayak launching area. Super for the bbq, I will bring the hand saw to cut wood, but I left one there which I use. Key, I will bring the ladder to get on the kayak without getting wet! All will be fine, thanks for the update. Now, chase that catman circus Lion King Kitty please per the doctor's order.

Gale J.

Sombrero Beach

One Sombrero Beach Road
Marathon FL 33050

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