Booking Disney at Christmas

Booking Disney at Christmas

It was a pleasure to come to Orlando during the holidays, as this town really dresses up nicely. Each of the area Theme Parks and hotels puts out a whole new face for Christmas. We liked our trip to the Beach Club Hotel, they are the king of this season and it starts just after thanksgiving.

A kids special time is anything at all around the Christmas school vacation break. Children shine here and it makes a nice gift for them, the day after xmas works great for families. Booking a Disney Christmas is a winner.

The seasonal times at the theme parks and in The Hotels is the best time to really enjoy the best of the decorations. I always am so impressed by the things that these people can do with flowers and trees, plus chocolate merry go rounds! Everywhere you walk around is something different, and something seasonal to get you into the right spirit of the holiday.
Ina W.

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Holiday Decorations

We do not need any grumpy people coming along on vacation, so everybody that is going on the trip needs to have big smiles on their face. I'm talking about happy attitudes every minute of the day, that is what we want and everybody should be on the game!

This is a place for Happy Times even if you're sick of your grandparents. Just kidding of course as nobody could ever have a bad time here and the happiest place on earth. Make sure you get one of those Ice Cream sundays at Beaches and Cream cafe. Thanks Florida Travel Commander, and I'm glad you like all the easter egg hut photos and the food.

Davis J.

Beach Club

1800 Epcot Resorts Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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