Using the Ocean Waves as a Fitness Tool

It is amazing the way the body burns the calories when you use all of your body parts together. We feel it every-time we hit the water and begin to work with it and fight the water pressure too. Cocoa Beach is the perfect place for Body Boarding and the boards start at about ten dollars!

The beach surfers have the best bodies, typically in top shape and you know it is all about the waves. Most of the surfers can pound down gallons of Beer, hot wings, and fries too.

They just burn so much each hour of time out on the ocean. All the walking is in deep Beach Sand. Getting healthy using the ocean is fun.
Ronnie J.

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Learn how to Ride the Waves

I love your videos. We are going this weekend and can make a Cocoa Beach videos and share with everyone. I have been learning how to take the clips, select them, put them together, pick out the music, add captions. It is a lot of fun in a beachtown!

Norris J.

Always check the Wave Height Forecast

I wonder what is the best website for getting the wave heights. We need a wave height forecast website, so we can decide to go next weekend. It would be nice to know that the waves are over three feet so the Surfing would be strong at the Pier.

Thanks Florida Travel Commander. I will come over to help out next Saturday for the Body Boarding contest, if you want me too. I can come over Saturday morning and go home on Sunday morning. It will be just one night. We can get Publix salad and wings.

Luther G.

Body Boarding

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