Disney Day Music

Disney Day Music

We are ride buffs and get into the history and the prop-like elements in the old shows. The rides and shows from an array of Disney artists are found all over the parks and hotels. The weather is really nice around November in Orlando and that is time of the open-air fine arts festival. Boardwalk features award-winning artists and sidewalk chalk art on a daily basis. At the Art of Disney we got to see the artist create art pieces for the guests in front of them. The Disney collectibles and a bunch of live Music and more in one day.
Corina R.

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Keeping up with the Live Music events on the day at the theme parks is a challenge in itself. It was a great honor to see Toyland Musical, and many of these songs are played along the Christmas day parade. I thought the overall musical quality was excellent specially in the theater type environment. We were so busy all day, moving and going to Different Rides, and get tickets to be the next ride. When you finally get into one of these shows, it is time to relax and let the Disney cast member entertainment take over. Your feet get to just chill out for a little bit and let your eyeballs do the work!

Victor B.

Toyland the Musical

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