Amusement Park

Amusement Park

Busch Gardens Tampa is far from being out of the game, with regards to the Orlando parks. Many locals in the usf area are worried about the park, and do not want it to ever close. The rapid growth of the Orlando parks is a contrast to the current situation in Tampa.

Compared to the other amusement parks like Disney, this park is cheap! Thank goodness we can get an annual pass and go so many times, it turns out to cost us about $5 per visit. It is a nice place to walk around and enjoy the sights, but the live music shows are the best thing going on in Tampa.

One thing important to know is the free serengeti safari ride, all with the purchase of a ticket. This park is for us that live in Florida and usf students. Yeah for us, and the off-road adventure of a serengeti safari is a sweet family style ride. It takes about 30-minutes, with the loading and unloading. You ride in an open jungle truck on the safari ride.
Val E.

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Tampa Fun

It was a great time to do a little bit of everything. We came in town for one of the polls basketball games and try to do as much of the fun around the areas possible. I think going to a bucks came is a high priority for everybody, right after a visit to this wonderful amusement park is zone.

I had better mention the daytrip to ybor for the historic cigar area and cocktails. Another thing we found out about is Buying Vegetables could not be easier in Tampa, as we like to eat good and not spend as much money on the restaurants.

Michael V.

Busch Gardens

10165 North McKinley Drive
Tampa FL 33612

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