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Well it just figures that you may find a few things above and beyond in Key West. Personally, I think the island is not great for kids. You need a bit of maturity to handle really interesting spots for fun that makes you yell! Of course a bit of crazy just takes it up a notch.

What a hoot! My friends will die when they see this. I got so lucky to be here at the very best time. You have to hit this scene. Be sure to have plenty of dollars to tip the local entertainers. They do need to make a living in paradise!

The entire show is razzle dazzle. Get your ticket to the vaudeville follies show with a tropical twist.

Guess what? Not only the head dress festival, but there is going to be a reggae festival at the Truman Annex Waterfront on the evening of our arrival. It isn't free, but I'm sure we will hear it. This is going to be great! Weekends have the Event Nightlife.
Ingrid L.

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Zany Key West

Ok, Florida Travel Commander, this will be fun to go to again this year. I listened for a few to the ads on TV and it looks better than ever. Now, I hope you will listen too - next week, to hillary and Enjoy the Festivities all day long!

Ty V.

Headdress Ball

508 South Street
Key West FL 33040

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