Best Month for Disney World

Best Month for Disney World

Voted by guests as the very best month for Disney World vacation trips is holiday season. Both November and December are huge for the events and special celebrations. We love the celebrations, Special Events, and lively feeling of the Disney experience during the holiday season.

Everything is just so joyful and All Ages will adore the Special Acts and Activities that are Unique to this time of year. The pick for when to go to Orlando is December.

Trying to predict the weather is easier this time of year. It can go a little chilly, or it could be a high of eighty three degrees.
Odessa P.

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See the Parade

This is great about the Disney World Christmas Parade. Isn't it a little early to be predicting the weather. It is more than a week away. I got done the work I needed to get done so I don't have to work this weekend. I will be busy next week but it will be better.

We are having two luncheons at Epcot to eat the food. One on Monday to celebrate getting our 12-15 deadline work done, and one on Thursday for everyone to celebrate our year of work at the Espn Club restaurant.

Our co-worker, robbie, is driving back from boston today so he will be in next week so we are taking him to the Cracker Barrel in Altamonte Springs. He is going to get a lot of teasing from all of us who used to live in the north part of the city. Deb wants to get some fake snow and throw it on him for a laugh then go out to souplantation with everyone for lunch.

Bruce O.

December at Disney

Orlando is cold some in December for the Christmas Day parade. It is cold here. I trimmed the bushes after work and I had to wear a sweat shirt to keep warm. It is ok though, I don't mind it with the meal at the gnarly barley cafe Orlando to burn off. I like a little chill every once in a while.

This weekend is going to be a crazy weekend with the Magic Kingdom events. It is a full moon and chilly weather so all the Critters will be out. I'm sure bully cat will be by and now Lion King kitty has a new friend too, a skinny cat. Skinny cat is yellow like bully cat but not as big. Life if fun in Central Florida. I will come down for the Epcot Easter plant sale. Kitty does not pee under my tree!

Ron B.

Special Events

Typhoon Lagoon is still good in the winter, and close to The Hotels. We always make sure we visit at Christmas include the Grand Floridian and the Wilderness Lodge. This park doesn't handle Crowds well and when it's full, it really does feel full. Nearly everyone else will have the same idea, with Fastpass disappearing quickly and wait times skyrocketing.

Pick your best day to do the Theme Park, so play it by ear and keep an eye on the wesh TV weather forecast. One year we did exactly that and hit the shops on Christmas Day and they have sales all over the Orlando area shops. Around the World Showcase, each country has the festive season in their native country. Hollywood Studios is packed with storytellers and Movie Stars, then out for dinner at Stonewood Grill cafe.

Marilyn V.

Christmas Parade

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