Best Beach Bar

Best Beach Bar

Every city has a place that just a little bit special, one that you get psyched up about going to get some food. Fort Lauderdale Beach has a really neat little place, and it's great for everyone that is hungry. What is the focus, flavors are the key to everything. This restaurant is from pittsburgh Pennsylvania, yes way up in the north. Somehow they ended up down here at The Beach and they run a twenty-four hour a day restaurant that has it going on for pizza and big sandwiches with french fries inside.

Yes you will go through quite a few napkins at this fine establishment. This time we wanted to try something different and we got the italian sausage and cheese, on fresh italian bread with coleslaw, tomatoes, and provolone cheese, and hot onions. Of course all that is just part of the sandwich because they put french fries in the middle, plus get your sauces and pile on the flavors. I really like the coleslaw here, and the way they sandwiches are so thick you can split it between two people with the french fry boat and you will be fine.

We always come on our bicycles so we have the pack things to take on the return trip and they are very good about helping you out with the take-out food. Make sure you think about the ragin and cajun chicken breast which is an all american classic. The jumbo monster chili dog is more like a big dish, because it's huge and they don't mess around give you plenty a chile soup. It's a winner, trust me we go area every time we are in Fort Lauderdale Beach. This is our restaurant winner of the year!
Maricela K.

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My Favorite Local Restaurant

Being inspired by the Primanti Brothers sandwiches is a good thing. I am making the Primanti Brothers coleslaw recipe this weekend. It is a pretty easy mix, the key is the addition of apple cider vinegar, a little sugar, and a little vegetable oil to hold it all together to the cabbage, carrot, and onion blend.

I was thinking that some pineapple might be a good addition, but am going with the official Primanti Brothers coleslaw recipe for this mix. Next up, the Fort Lauderdale Chicken Wing Restaurant recipe picks!

Isiah Q.

Primanti Brothers

901 North A1A
Fort Lauderdale FL 33316

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