Get a Margarita

Get a Margarita

This is the place for the best ever Margarita recipe. The Margarita recipe includes tequila, triple sec, lime juice, lemon juice, with a salted rim. One of the best Disney Cocktails is the island oasis pina colada with strawberry, mango, Ice Cream, lime and banana. Epcot Mexico Showcase is nice for the bar drinks and the waterfront dining does make it special. Disney offers tours of Epcot now which are so nice for learning the traditions and detail.

We like the Mexico Showcase a lot because they have Good Food inside. You can pick between eating inside or outside and I prefer the Patio Dining with a view as your best bet. The people at Disney are big into authentic foods and I have to say the tacos is where I would target my first focus. Tacos are from Mexico if you did not know that.

The crunchy taco is excellent and they use really good seasoning plus they add cooked beef, real cheddar cheese, lettuce, some good spices tomatoes, guacamole, and more stuff because you can pick from the list. You can go all out and get the taco supreme which is huge and a Taco Bell classic. I can eat three there tacos easy because of all the walking.
Danial S.

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Disney Margaritas

If you're more hungry I would get a burrito because there big and they really fill you up. Have you ever heard of a smothered burrito with chicken inside. They have good recipes that are a little bit different chipolte you would normally think of when you are eating at a Mexican Restaurant.

There's something about the beans that they do with the slow cooking in the spices plus that chipolte sauce is prime time perfect. Buffalo bacon queso is a perfect blend of smoke and spice. Try these new flavors by adding them to your favorite entree at no additional cost! Good is the queso verde, a bright, fresh combination of creamy queso with the zing of salsa verde.

They're proud to announce two new flavorful additions to your queso palette. Enjoy a trio that will satisfy all your cheesy cravings. Can't decide on which to try first? Try them all with the new queso sampler. It comes with the signature 3-cheese queso, buffalo bacon queso and queso verde.

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Margarita Recipe

Try either one on your favorite Margarita recipes or the entree at no additional cost. Our two new queso flavors, buffalo bacon and queso verde are going head-to-head. Can't decide on which to taste first? Try them all with the new queso sampler.

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Mexico Showcase

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