Best Epcot Street Performances

Best Epcot Street Performances

What fun, a nice chance to experience a harmonious blend of Street Performers acrobatic prowess. From art to artifacts, Epcot China Orlando has a wealth of history, Shopping, chop-stick dining and culture to offer. For sure this daily event is one not to miss at Epcot. You will not watch a better street performance, they are magical.

Let's go to Orlando next summer for a vacation, to get out of the heat, and see the whales at SeaWorld and the Epcot World Showcase. It is affordable, and fun. The value comes with the entertainment like the concert series and the comedy acts.

Each day there's something completely different, as they like to keep things spicy. You come here for the food but you end up going away thinking about all the Musical Performances and good things to do.
Colin O.

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Special Performances

Don't be afraid to try some of the faster rides, and of course you can do some wine sipping at the various little cafes around the big lake in the middle of Epcot. The last time we came we rushed around too much, and this time I want to relax and go a lot slower. There's no need to walk at hyper speed just to get to the next Fastpass ticket.

We loved the Lion King performance, good for all cat owners too. Ok, Florida Travel Commander, that is great about the primetime Musical Performances. I gave nikey his name as reminder to always exercise and I think I have done pretty good.

Petra M.

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