Best Disney Cheerleaders

Best Disney Cheerleaders

Wow, what a great movie, show, and dance theme. My children just love this Musical dance stuff. The theme parks are a nice place to hear the singers. We did not know that they had a whole act right there at Disney movie studios. We have added High School Musical to our Orlando itinerary!

One can never know what to expect on a day cruising around the lovely Hollywood Studios Theme Park or Epcot World Showcase. I wanted to put my vote in as I think these two are the best Theme Parks by far. They both are wonderful for children and adults and will keep your smiles on all day because of the events that just occur out of nowhere.

Everybody will remember this beautiful redheaded lady that puts on a show Singing and Dancing as part of a large group act. They might have fifty total performers, at least thirty, plus they get all the kids on Stage at certain points during the show.
Reid O.

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Beautiful Redheaded Lady

This girl can dance and puts on the magic act with all sorts of twists and turns, plus Going Up and down on the Stage with lots of interaction with the fans or guess surrounding the stage. Give her the top performer award for our full day.

Yes, you can come over friday afternoon for the Crepes French Bistro. We are having a home cooked meal at a french restaurant, which is prime. If you happen to start Exploring Disney Hotel Properties before I get there, do not park near the hotel mailbox or on the side yard where the guest bedrooms are. The gardeners just planted grass in both places And it has been too wet to mow, so there is no parking. The big Tree of Life branch is still in The Resort yard area, so they have to remove it.

Bradford T.

High School Musical

351 South Studio Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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